Company Info manufactures and markets a unique line of fabric shower curtains using our customer's photographic images. Quality fabrics and state of the art digital imaging yield products with realistic durable images that don't change the feel of the fabric. All can be laundered with no fading or shrinkage. When paired with a good image they provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Many people create a bathroom mural using a favorite vacation scene or an image of a loved one or pet to provide more smiles in the bathroom. Decorators, photographers, and artists enjoy the creative freedom and get excited when seeing their creations reproduced in such a large and vibrant format. Hotels and other institutions use them to set themselves apart from competitors and make an emotional connection with their customer.

Gift certificates are available for those who have waited until the last minute or those who want the recipient to select just the right image. Images must be provided in digital form and orders may be placed online or by mail. Prices are $149-$220 payable by credit card, check, or money order. Delivery is 2-4 weeks and U.S. ground shipping is free.

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4630 Old Looney Mill Road
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info at photoshowercurtain dot com